Day 5 – 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs – Quiet Leadership

Day 5 of the 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs! Today is my article on quiet leadership and how we HSPs require mentoring throughout life in order to know ourselves, to have a context to operate within, and to realize our often prodigious potential.

One of the things I have learned over the years with highly sensitive people is that we are often so out of step with the world in so many ways that we need a calm voice to tell us we are not crazy, that we have something to offer the world of great value, and that we HSPs fit into the overall scheme of survival of the species. Finding that calm and assured voice is often difficult but is more accessible than in the past as we have numerous books, films, and professionals working at all levels to increase awareness and acceptance of sensory processing sensitivity as a normally occurring, natural and neutral personality trait that is non-pathological, one of the better personality traits one can have, and that fundamentally connects us to our core humanness.

Mentors may serve that function and I advise seeking them out as you explore what it means to be an HSP and how you might choose to show up in the world. Quiet leadership, as well, is a choice of how to influence and connect others as we engage in the world in a hundred ways.

About Tracy Cooper, Ph.D.Tracy Cooper, Ph.D. is an international consultant on high sensitivity, an expert in the areas of highly sensitive people and career, the high sensation seeking highly sensitive person, the highly sensitive man, and highly sensitive people and creativity. He has written three book to date: Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career; Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person; and Empowering the Sensitive Male Soul. Dr. Cooper appeared in the 2015 documentary film, Sensitive-The Untold Story, along with many other researchers and experts. He is an Assistant Professor in Baker University’s Ed.D. program in Leadership in Higher Education. Dr. Cooper regularly works with individuals in career crisis and transition, as well as corporations interested in diversity and inclusion initiatives for HSPs, innovation and HSS/HSPs, and frequently speaks on subjects related to sensory processing sensitivity and sensation seeking. Connect with Dr. Cooper at his website, his Facebook page or his Facebook page for sensitive men.

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