1st Monthly Meeting for HSPs and HSS/HSPs – May 1st 2021

You still have some time to sign up for the first monthly meeting for HSPs and HSS/HSPs! Join us Saturday, May 1st from Noon – 130pm, CST via Zoom for our first-ever monthly meeting and help me build this online community together!

If you have never attended one of my seminars, the monthly meeting is a great way to dip your toes into the experience or, if you have attended a seminar, it’s a great way to find support, connection, and continue the learning that takes place in the seminars.

Each month we will explore different facets of sensory processing sensitivity and sensation seeking, along with sharing our experiences in breakout rooms. If you have never met another HSP or HSS/HSP, these monthly meetings are a great way to experience that often meaningful and transformative like mindedness.

Join us!

Monthly Meeting for HSPs and HSS/HSPs

You asked for a coed monthly meeting and here it is! Join me on the first Saturday of each month from Noon – 130pm, CST throughout 2021 for a gathering of the HSP tribe where we learn more about sensory processing sensitivity and sensation seeking, real self-care, creativity as a dynamic force in our lives, and where coming together in community is uplifting and supportive.

The first meeting will be May 1st 🙂

Please share!

3rd Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar – May 15th 2021

Make your plans to join us today for the 3rd highly sensitive men’s seminar! This continuing series of seminars will focus entirely on the crucial topic of self-care.

Self-care has become a trendy buzzword but we will address self-care with the depth and breadth we HSPs are known for. We are looking forward to holding space for the unique way we sensitive men gather in community. Join us today 🙂