sensitive men rising-the challenge

Just 4 days left for our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for filming on Sensitive Men Rising – The Documentary! We are only a bit over 3k short of our goal of 25k and with your help we can make this happen for ALL people.

Sensitive men are so much more than what anyone thinks or believes and the film will feature diverse and illuminating narratives from the men themselves! We don’t shy away from the rough parts of being sensitive in a challenging world, nor do we aim to create a film that is ‘here and gone.’ Instead, our conscious intention is to open the door to understanding that will last generations!

I sometimes wonder to myself how many men are in the high group of Sensitives and do not know it and I think how the right film can be the vehicle that’s in the right place and right time for many guys to see the trait within themselves as a net positive.

Luke Goss said it best when he said that it’ll be our ‘collective’ narratives from many different realities that will tell the entire story. Whether you are a tough guy or a softie, a warrior, healer, teacher, or lover Sensitive Men Rising is OUR ‘collective’ story of RISING TOGETHER into self-awareness, self-acceptance, and compassionate action in the world in so many ways!

Please share this post so we can reach our goal that will allow our production team to complete the many interviews we need to begin telling the story of ALL of us!! ☺️🙏

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