July 2021 Monthly Gathering for HSPs with Dr. Tracy Cooper

Our upcoming monthly gathering for HSPs is this Saturday, July the 3rd from Noon-130pm, CST!! Help me build this monthly community and explore many topics together in a small format virtual setting. Topics are suggested by YOU and each meeting is an opportunity to learn and grow as an HSP or HSS/HSP.

Everything we discuss in the meetings is based in the science of Dr. Elaine Aron and other top researchers. Join us in warm community as we discuss extremely meaningful issues that are important for HSPs to understand, develop skills in, and put into practice right away!!

Self-Care and the Highly Sensitive Person Seminar – Aug. 21st 2021

Self-care is a crucial lifelong practice for HSPs and HSS/HSPs to get right. Missing essential components like boundary setting and maintaining, monitoring our perceptions, or misunderstanding creativity as only the realm of the artist leaves us without a whole or realized plan for how we may thrive.

Join us Saturday, August 21st from Noon – 5pm, CST via Zoom for this necessary seminar for HSPs and HSS/HSPs!! This is especially true if you are NEW to discovering and learning about high sensitivity or sensation seeking. 🙂

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