Dr. Cooper has spoken extensively in Sensitive-The Untold Story, recorded radio interviews, podcasts, and video, most recently for the Sensitivity Summit, a global collection of experts speaking on subjects related to high sensory intelligence.  He also appeared at the HSP Self-Care Immersion Workshop at 1440 Multiversity, where he led sessions on HSPs and Career, the high sensation seeking highly sensory intelligence person, high sensory intelligent men (with Dr. Elaine Aron), and a session on the science behind sensory processing sensitivity.

Dr. Cooper is available to speak on such topics as:

  • The science of Sensory Processing Sensitivity
  • HSPs and Career
  • HSPs in the workplace (for employers)
  • Creativity and Innovation for HSPs
  • Self-Care for HSPs
  • the High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensory Intelligence Person
  • Differential Susceptibility and Vantage Sensitivity
  • Kazimierz Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration and HSPs, HSS/HSPs
  • Critical Creative thinking for HSPs
  • High Sensory Intelligence Men

Have another topic of interest?  Feel free to suggest what you would like to hear more about.

If you would like to engage Dr. Cooper to speak at your event please feel free to be in touch with details and contact information via the contact form below.  He will reply within 48 hours.