HSP Monthly Meeting – August 7th 2021 with Tracy Cooper PhD

Join us Saturday, August 7th from Noon – 130pm CST for our HSP Monthly Meeting where we will devote the entire meeting to the topic of emotion regulation. Fascinating topic that is of crucial importance to all HSPs, HSS,HSPs. As always, the meeting is as much about being in community with other HSPs, HSS,HSPs as exploring the topic/s.

HSP Self-Care Seminar Aug. 21st, 2021

Just in time before the fall rush of activities comes this self-care seminar for HSPs!This isn’t your typical self-care curriculum, rather, we do what we HSPs are known for and go deeper into what self-care means to us and why it needs to become a serious daily practice.As always with my seminars, it’s also about connection with other HSPs and being in community for an all-too-brief Saturday afternoon 🙂 Join us…

Navigating the World as a High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Man with Dr. Tracy Cooper

We can never cover the D.O.E.S. aspects of high sensitivity too much and, since it is so often overlooked, we can not discuss what it means to be high in sensation seeking AND highly sensitive AND a man too much. Here is a recent podcast that I did with Lisa Lewis, MA, LMFT, LPCC.


Self-Care and the Highly Sensitive Person: An Essential Practice

My upcoming HSP Self-Care seminar will be a wonderful opportunity to come together in warm community, learn about what self-care really means to HSPs and HSS/HSPs, and to be seen and heard. Join us Saturday, August 21st from Noon-5pm, CST via Zoom for this incredibly meaningful and timely seminar that will truly help in a number of important areas like emotion regulation, boundary setting and management over time, and ways to make those breakthrough insights that will take your understanding of high sensitivity to the next level!