HSS/HSP Seminar – March 13th 2021

Join me on March 13th, 2021 from Noon-4pm, CST for the first ever seminar for high sensation seeking highly sensitive people! With the successes of my highly sensitive men’s seminars, now seems like the right time to also offer coed seminars so that everyone may attend.

The seminar will, first, cover the basics of both personality traits to establish the science and an accurate understanding of the four core aspects of each trait. Next, we will look at some of the crucial areas that impact life as an HSS/HSP like career, self-care, and relationships.

Lastly, we will explore how to realize our often incredible potential as HSS/HSPs throughout our lives. In each segment, we will also touch on many of the nuances of each trait in ways that easily explains why we do better with shorter-duration projects, why we burn out more easily, and how we can find a balance.

If you are a high sensation seeking HSP, this is the seminar for you, in fact, it’s the only one 🙂 Join me for what promises to be a meaningful and enlightening seminar with fellow HSS/HSPs and let’s build community together.

Please note the set your own price ticket option for anyone who would like to attend, without breaking the bank 🙂

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