Day 4 – 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs – Changes And The Brain Of The Sensitive Person

Day 4 of the 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs. Today’s article reiterates the need for self-care for the sensitive brain. I often write about self-care and sometimes think it gets misconstrued as a luxury by many people, even HSPs. The sensitive is a very active one and needs a variety of conditions to be in balance to function well, let alone at its optimal potential.

Esther Bergsma, MA, is a frequent speaker on High Sensitivity in the Netherlands. She is an author, trainer, scientific researcher and expert on High Sensitivity. She wrote three books on the subject. Her book about the brain of the Highly Sensitive Person is now available in English [link: which I will provide later. Esther wants to create awareness about the trait from a more scientific angle. She speaks for medical professionals, psychologist, teachers and managers. Last year, she conducted international research to gain awareness on the trait of High Sensitivity in the workplace. 5500 Highly Sensitive Persons from over 20 countries participated and the results are as important for HSP as for employers.

Connect with Esther through her website which she created as a place for HSPs to meet, learn and share. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram. Check out her research here.

Please click link below to view article.

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