Day 3 – 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs – Sensitive Writers, Keep Fulfilling Your Calling, Even In Difficult Times

Day 3 of the 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs. Today’s post provides us with another take on the need to serve that I mentioned yesterday but utilizing a writing practice as the outlet. Any form of creative expression can, of course, serve others but writing has a particular spot because it requires that people read the work, as opposed to viewing it as with an art object. Writing can also be seen as self-care when one is developing greater self-awareness and contextualizing one’s life, especially as an HSP.

Becoming a self-aware HSP takes time and effort. Mentoring also helps as we learn to navigate this world and reflect on how we choose to show up in it. A writing practice that endures can be a key aspect of an overall awakening to self.

Jenna Avery is a writing coach and the founder of Called to Write, an online community and coaching program designed to help writers make the work of writing actually happen, where she has helped hundreds of writers overcome procrastination, perfectionism, and resistance so they can get their writing onto the page and into the world where it belongs. Jenna is also a screenwriter, columnist for Final Draft and Script Mag, instructor for Script University and The Writer’s Store, editor, and story consultant. As a storyteller, she specializes in sci-fi action and space fantasy. Jenna lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two sons, and three cats, and writes about writing, creativity, and calling at Download Jenna’s free guidebooks for writers when you join her mailing list or visit Jenna’s Called to Write community. Financial aid is available.

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