Excerpt from: Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career

Excerpt from Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career:Cover Thrive

“Flow is a concept developed by psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi to encapsulate the experience we have when we are engaged in a task or project that causes us to stretch our abilities, to be fully engaged and aware in the moment as we pursue a challenging goal. The experience of flow can take place while performing any task whether it is work, performing, parenting, sports, or any other activity that fits the criteria of causing us to become fully absorbed in the moment in pursuit of that worthwhile goal. When we are in such states we lose all sense of self-consciousness, lose track of time, and push ourselves to grow. This capacity was likely evolved as a survival mechanism long ago when those individuals who learned to push themselves toward challenging goals achieved a survival advantage over those who did not. In short flow and the desire to be in a state of full engagement of our capacities is inherent in our species. For HSPs, the need to be in a state of flow seems to be even more imperative due to a temperament that is innately creative, curious, exploratory, deeply conscientious, and complex.”

As 2017 begins I remind all highly sensitive people of the need to have flow experiences in life. It is through these experiences that we push ourselves to master new challenges, develop new confidence in our abilities, and keep life fresh, alive, and vital. What’s your first flow experience of 2017? I’d love to hear…



2 thoughts on “Excerpt from: Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career

  1. nice post, Tracy, and Happy New Year. I’ve been plugging away at guitar for some years now, and this new year I am recommitting to improving my technique. As you probably know, playing music is one of the ultimate flow states. But as you may also know, the better you get, the more you have to work to improve. So finding a balance between effort, frustration, and endless scales and joining the flow state is an enduring challenge. I hope that you find your own flow this year as well.


    1. Thank you Dave, yes, music is always finding that sweet spot where the playing is challenging and requires deep effort, yet is effortless. Goodluck in 2017~


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