Positive Disintegration

Excerpt from Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person (Chapter 7):
“The creative mindset is one we know to be complex, fluid, and open. The creative instinct in sensitive sensation seekers may keep us in a state of potential emotional chaos at any given time, but it also serves to loosen our primitive inner structures that otherwise keep us from further personality development. The disintegrating/reintegrating processes so many sensitive sensation seekers experience doesn’t mean we are unbalanced emotionally it means that we may live in a state of positive disintegration in service to our quest for a personality ideal. Positive disintegration, in this sense, is a theory that places value on the sort of complex, messy, uncertain emotional lives we sensitive sensation seekers experience, rather than viewing this swirling inner milieu as a pathology. That places the theory of positive disintegration on a par with no other theory of personality development” (Tracy Cooper, 2016).



As we prepare to close 2016 and begin a new year we might also think of the new year as an opportunity to commit ourselves to greater self-awareness, well-functioning (including attention to our overall health), and greater connectivity with others. Our lives will never be the neat, clean, linear trajectories so often emphasized in Western society. They will, however, be far more interesting and potentially rewarding because we will very likely seek out experiences, adventures, and people who will stimulate us in our preferred way. I suggest that in 2017 we begin to prize the role of chaos and unpredictability in our lives. The world desperately needs more healers, creators, and leaders who are able to embrace ambiguity, forgo ego, and focus on building fair and loving communities where we may live up to our incredible potential as thinking, feeling beings who are sentient and aware. Happy new year to all~

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