Sensitive and in Love Documetary

Sensitive and in Love-the Documentary

Will and Diana Harper, the director and producer of Sensitive the Movie are making a new film about high sensitivity and relationships. They are currently looking for sensitive people to interview for the film who have been married (or in partnership) and the relationship didn’t work out due to a lack of understanding of the temperament between partners. They are also interested in interviewing people who are in relationship where the couple was able to work out the differences in temperament between partners.

If you are interested in being interviewed in person, please contact Diana Harper, the film’s producer at: Please let her know where you live, your contact information, and briefly in a few sentences what you wish to share about your experience of an HSP in relationship with a non-HSP. The interviews will tentatively be scheduled for February 10th to February 22nd.

For more information about the film please visit:

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