The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity film

DEPTH of processing (pattern recognition, associations with previous memories, what we know of the world, etc..), a HEART for service to our fellow human beings, and a MIND capable of rational, critical and creative thinking…

High sensory intelligence, aka, highly sensitive person, doesn’t mean you are gifted or smarter than others, it simply implies that you use the sensory information that you take in through your senses, process that information thoroughly, and use it strategically to engage with the world.

One example might be how we show up as ‘real’ people, as in the photo accompanying the attached post. Are we, as men, able to provide comfort, empathy, and/or compassion to those around who are in desperate need and do so without concerning ourselves with what ‘manly men’ do? Of course! Being a ‘man,’ beyond the cartoon he-man, ultra aggressive cliche we have been portrayed as, is about being secure in ourselves as human beings and willing to give of ourselves as parents, partners, sons, and leaders!!

Guys, however you feel about men and Sensory Processing Sensitivity, this world NEEDS us to be healers, leaders, teachers, and whole human beings who have the wisdom and courage to be more than one dimensional men led entirely by arbitrarily derived notions of what men ‘should’ be.

The Genius of Sensitivity film invites us to consider, through the candid stories told by men themselves, the possibility that men, just maybe, might also be ‘highly sensitive,’ high in sensory intelligence, or, if you prefer, simply men with the genetic trait Sensory Processing Sensitivity. Is it incredibly farfetched and counterintuitive to challenge the status quo thinking of men as incapable of real depth, feeling, or emotion? Not at all…

What role/s can these men who are half of the 20% of the world’s population with Sensory Processing Sensitivity play in bridging the gap? We’ll need to see The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity become a reality in its fullness to find out…

If you support this mission of raising consciousness around Sensory Processing Sensitivity in men, communicating it as a strength and a necessary component to a healthy and balanced planet, I urge you to help us in any you are able whether that means a donation, a connection, or simply sharing our posts, it all helps so much!

Think about all of the schlock films that are made each year and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on entertainment that does nothing to advance mission critical issues like providing a timeless resource men may find and use as a portal through which they may pass on their way to allowing and accepting sensitivity within themselves as a strength and asset to themselves and to the world. Just a tiny fraction of the average mass market film budget would allow The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity to be made, marketed and distributed, and to live out in the public sphere as Sensitive-The Untold Story has now since 2015!

Donation link: (ALL donations go directly to the ongoing production of The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity)

Only LOVE to you all…

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