“Finding Your Passion” Is an Ineffective Way to Live Your Life, Say Scientists


A future isn’t decided by a set path; rather, it’s shaped by a series of choices and hard work.”

Everyone who has followed my work through the years should recognize by now that I subscribe to the growth mindset and advocate for ever-expanding potential over a lifetime. There is a reason for that, especially with high sensation seeking HSPs. Namely, that we HSS/HSPs have an extra ‘drive’ if you will, that fuels our curiosity, creativity directed toward self-actualization and growth, and a boundless need to reinvent ourselves. HSPs, in my experience, share a similar openness to new ways of thinking and curiosity but the need to reinvent is not as prominent in their words or actions.

For those who subscribe to a growth mindset, the notion of ‘finding one’s passion’ rings hollow because it can see limiting and predestined. A growth mindset, and I DO encourage you to explore this way of being, thinks of passion as intrinsically linked with interest, wonder, awe, and inspiration! Even joy…

Motivation to continue pursuing an interest also waxes and wanes, but if it is something we feel a deep resonance with and return to on our own for no reason other than to learn more, to apply it to something, or for the joy of engaging with it, motivation comes on its own and is a natural part of growth over a lifetime. I like to call them ‘fascinations,’ a term that should be quite familiar to HSS/HSPs 😊

If you are a high sensation seeking HSP, it is likely you identify right away with the growth mindset because it is a way of being for you! Embrace it and enjoy the ride…


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