How Do Sensitive Children Respond to Harsh and Fluctuating Family Context?

The role of early childhood environment forming a basis for later development is well-known in child development circles. Now, we have a study that looks at sensitive children over a period of time to gain insights into the relative effects of stable versus unstable family environments. With few surprises, the study backs up the notion that sensitive children (high sensory intelligence children if you like) DO require a supportive and nurturing environment early on, in fact throughout life this is true!

The upside is we also know that sensitive children respond quite positively to therapeutic interventions! Knowing this, we should aim to provide the necessary mental health and wellness supports that kids in crisis so desperately need and may benefit from, yet too many lack access to.

In The Genius of Sensitivity, we will include a significant and meaningful chapter detailing the solid foundation upon which all sensitive children may base their future growth and development. The more awareness we can raise of the trait, the more attention we can, hopefully, bring to the need for ready access to mental health supports and to parents of sensitive children.


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