wired to create-hsps will love this book!

Book recommendation for your Sunday! Wired to Create will appeal to ALL high sensory intelligence people, aka, highly sensitive people, but especially to those who wish to explore pushing the boundaries of creativity. Cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, and Carolyn Gregoire structure the book with an introduction to the ‘messy minds’ creatives are known for. What’s a messy mind and why is it good?

Creative minds often exhibit a dance of opposing perspectives, concepts, and ideas, all in one person! They also tend to be sensitives. Kaufman and Gregoire pull from familiar sources you see in my work, Frank Barron, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Kazimierz Dabrowski!

The body of the book unfolds around Ten Things Highly Creative People Do Differently with titles such as Imaginative Play, Passion, Daydreaming, Solitude, and in chapter 8, Sensitivity! That’s right, an entire chapter on sensitives from the science perspective but also the creative application of our trait.

The chapters are also brief enough that you can read through each one while coming away with resolved ideas and interpretations. Wired to Create is FUN book to read!


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