saving lives-reducing suffering-the genius of sensitivity

Can sensitive men be Sensitive AND Strong? You better believe it!! The myths and misconceptions about sensitive men are tied to a lack of an accurate understanding of sensory processing sensitivity that is astounding in their dismissive nature and lack of meaningful critical engagement or even a capacity to rationally and carefully work through what is a complex issue!

The REAL crisis is in the lack of critical capacity to think!! When we are largely led by our social groups, along with our own native egocentrism, real rational thinking, the kind that can hold up to scrutiny and that utilizes universal standards of thinking and elements of reasoning, we aren’t really thinking at all. We are just going along with the crowd because “they” all think being highly sensitive means one thing or another (always unexamined positions) and it is easier to NOT think in any real way because critical thinking is difficult and requires real effort and an openness to examine one’s positions. That spirit to think rationally seems to be sidelined in our world of late.

The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity will shatter myths and knee-jerk cliches about being highly sensitive and men. Within that collection of real stories from real men, some very well-respected and successful men, we kick the door down to invite an open dialog that moves beyond mere surface-level bias that never gets at the real core features of the trait.

Did you know that men die by suicide at three times the rate of women? What’s the reasons behind that horrifying statistic and are we in a crisis that we can do anything about? Or will we allow our young men to slip through the cracks because we don’t want to talk about real and authentic mental health? What if there were a widely distributed film that men could view and reconsider their perspectives on what it may mean to be men? Would that help? Undoubtedly!

The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity will SAVE LIVES and help REDUCE SUFFERING! #TheGeniusofSensitivity#highlysensitivemen#RedefiningMasculinity#highlysensitive#highlysensitivesoul#empathy#masculinity#sensitive

2 thoughts on “saving lives-reducing suffering-the genius of sensitivity

  1. Well spoken, Tracy! We are especially losing a number of boys, to suicide at worst, to endless hiding behind video games at best, because they do not see a place for them in the world. Or they try to adapt and comply with the dominating and somewhat obsolete role models or the dominating female demands, or both, leaving them emotionally exhausted and with a sense of emptiness, because being somebody else all the time takes a huge toll.

    This film will certainly provide a number of role models that will seem entirely new to many, and help them conquer a place of legitimacy and acknowledgment within the broader society, so that not only highly sensitive men can then spread their wings and expand into being who they really are, but others will eventually see what they can give to the world and how much they already hold answers to questions many others are asking themselves.

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    1. Thank you Alexander! Indeed, you hit on two topics that will likely always be overlooked: the role of women in perpetuating and enabling men to act like cliches and being someone else is exhausting. Will Harper and I both hope, pray, and intend for this film to open the doors wide to dialog about what it means to be men on our own terms. Highly sensitive people, including men, have always served as the vanguard of humanity intuiting and feeling/sensing things were “off” and how to heal our own misguidedness. Now is such a time when men cling to outdated and obsolete notions of manhood that leave them empty, hurting, isolated, and angry. We men have so much work to do on ourselves to help other men move beyond the socially communicated predefined and limiting stereotypes of “tough” men.

      Thanks for the comment!

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