The Genius of sensitivity and Dr. ted zeff

One of The Genius of Sensitivity Award Nominees for SENSITIVE MAN OF THE YEAR is the late author of five books, including ‘The Strong Sensitive Boy’ and advocate for all sensitive men with an emphasis in parenting and raising children, Ted Zeff Ph.D., OUR HERO!!!

Ted was a passionate advocate committed to reframing culture so sensitive boys become strong boys and strong men! Dr. Ted knew that parents of sensitive boys need to truly understand and appreciate the trait, so they can nurture it.

The Genius of Sensitivity-Redefining Masculinity producers are fortunate to have collected rare interviews from Dr. Zeff’s archives about nurturing boys of all ages, religions, races, and nationalities. Ted consulted internationally and gave workshops in 15 countries and was considered one of the world’s experts on the trait of high sensitivity. Parents and children of all ages will benefit tremendously from “Ted’s talk.” He may have left his body, but his voice will live on forever. He will bring true wisdom to The Genius of Sensitivity-Redefining Masculinity.


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