The 4th Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar

The 4th Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar will be held Dec. 4th, 2021 from Noon-5pm, CST via Zoom.

This video is a great reminder of the 2 years of planning and wrangling that it took to make the 1st HS Men’s Seminar a reality! Indeed, those of us who work with HSPs in general had long noted that the presence of highly sensitive men was largely minimal in ALL events!! WE ALL knew this represented an inequity and a NEED.

Since the 1st HS Men’s Seminar held at 1440 Multiversity, as the COVID-19 pandemic was breaking out, I have chosen to continue to steward the seminars and keep the flame alive for sensitive men around the world through organizing and hosting twice yearly seminars for men. It has been an interesting and generative path to pursue as I’ve been able to engage with guest presenters to enrich the seminars, change up the topics so they started with foundational elements like self-care, career, and the basics of sensory processing sensitivity.

Now, I have been able to choose topics that move us beyond the basics to more advanced topics that hold the promise of not only keeping it fresh but enlivening and expanding on what is possible in a seminar. I still structure the seminars so men are able to meet in small, private groups and share their experiences, concerns, and insights. The social part of men being together to share their experiences in an inclusive and supportive environment is a huge part of the value in these seminars.In the future, I do hope to hold at least one seminar per year as an in-person event and one as a virtual event. That will all depend on registrations and continual support of course.

With the emerging reality of The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity being released in 2022, we highly sensitive men will gain a larger public profile and many more men will find their way to the table.

Right now, I NEED your registrations and participation in the 4th seminar! As the old saying goes, “help me to help you!”

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Link to seminar registration:

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