the 4th Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar – Dec. 4th – Noon-5pm CST via Zoom

It is so rare to have spaces where men can gather and share anything of who we really are. When we share a common space and that space is kind, open, and accepting, we open the door to REAL connection and time spent together learning about the trait and co-creating a new possible perspective for us all!

My mission is to provide opportunities to raise consciousness in HSPs, HSS/HSPs, and Highly Sensitive Men so we all understand our trait/s in accurate ways that break through the noise and presents them in ways that make sense in the real world and to real people.

I see my role as an educator, but also as a guide and mentor to those who need to see, hear, and discuss the possibilities for their lives. It is my privilege to lead quietly, to help others grow in their awareness, and to build community amongst Highly Sensitive Men 🙏☺️

Join me for the 4th Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar!


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