the genius of sensitivity: redefining masculinity

We are all equal participants in culture. We ALL have a vote by virtue of the parts of culture we choose, consciously or unconsciously, to subscribe to. Will Harper, myself, Luke Goss, Boy Abunda, Tom Falkenstein, Daniel Miller, and many others who are creating the first ever documentary film about highly sensitive men have each chosen to cast our vote for something different that is more benevolent, more intentional, less egocentric, and less sociocentric.

Our vote, which will be expressed through The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity film, will show up as the result of dissonance with the status quo, confidence in who we are as broader inclusions of what men may be, and a conscious awareness that we have a responsibility to be the vanguard of humanity intuiting our way forward.

The current conceptualization of masculinity is stuck in another time period and is, indeed, toxic as expressed and embodied by some men in this world. The after effects of men with little accountability and encouragement to act poorly is seen throughout our society in wounded children who grow up to be wounded adults who so easily project the same hurt they feel onto others. The effects are seen in the trail of broken relationships, women who are abused and who suffer as a result of men who are unable to simply be decent human beings.

Make no mistake, though The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity does not seek to vilify men. Indeed, we celebrate a benevolent and relaxed masculinity that can meet the needs of THIS time period. We celebrate manhood and men who are able to be the kind of men that women and partners need, that our children need, that we all need!

If we highly sensitive people are to fulfill our potential as the 20% of the species with finely tuned nervous systems and minds geared towards more profound processing of all ideas and concepts obstensibly for the greater survivability of our families, communities and, by extension, our species, we need to magnify our voices a hundredfold and film allows us to accomplish just that task.Join us on our quest to redefine and reVision masculinity!


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