The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity

The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity will be the title for the first ever documentary film about highly sensitive men. The working title was Sensitive Men Rising, but as titles do, this one evolved to encompass a broader umbrella that will allow us to address sensitive men through the lens of the masculinity we are so often in conflict with.

In sociology, we say that the experience of gender is the starkest dividing line that separates the way men and women experience life. Of course, there are other genders and that is being appreciated more and more today but, in general, the way we interpret reality is filtered through the lens of who we believe ourselves to be. Men have certain prominent filters through which we view the world and women have different filters.

Highly sensitive men, like many HSPs, may be less willing to adopt or embody predefined roles that we may not agree with or feel to be ethical or utilitarian. Very simply, many sensitive men are their own men and express that in ways that diverge from traditional notions of masculinity, prevalent in many areas of the world privileging anger, violence, lack of meaningful empathy, dominance over women, and a compulsion to continually “prove” manhood through public displays of anger, aggression or violence.

Empathy, the capacity to process deeply, and greater openness, coupled with conscientiousness and a broader range of possible expressions of what it means to be a man are what many sensitive men bring to the table and is much needed to tip the scales towards better leadership at all levels of society.

The Genius of Sensitivity: Redefining Masculinity will be the film that allows sensitive men to be seen and heard in a clear and compelling way that will appeal to highly sensitive people and to less sensitive people.
Join us as we launch into the next phase of this essential film!

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