sensitive men rising film – interview #7

Interview #7 for Sensitive Men Rising, the first documentary film about and for men by Will Harper, director for Sensitive-The Untold Story, who are part of the 20% of the world’s population with the naturally occurring, neutral and normal temperament we call high sensitivity. Interview #7 was with our very own Esteban Guerrero, whose story of coming to know and embrace high sensitivity took him on a long journey of discovering for himself how to be both high in sensitivity AND high in sensation seeking!!

This is the first interview so far to illuminate high sensation seeking and it is overdue because we HSS/HSPs are 30% of the total HSP population and often overlooked. Many men will identify with Esteban’s story of not knowing why they have strong emotions or how to deal with them well in a modern world. With the additional wrinkle thrown in of sensation seeking providing an almost irresistible drive for novelty and reinvention throughout life!!

Esteban’s story is full of heart and mind as we explored sensitivity AND sensation seeking. Sensitive Men Rising will be enriched by Esteban’s gracious sharing of his lived experiences and insights, I know I am!! 🙏😃🎬🎥

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