Sensitive Men Rising – INterview #6

Interview #6 found me truly gifted with deep, deep insights from one of the most interesting humans that I have ever worked with, Otis Smallwood!! Otis is a cultural health practitioner & philosophically-oriented coach and consultant investing in and assisting startup organizations, restructuring established businesses, and improving operational efficiencies through employee and cultural engagement.

In an absolutely fascinating and poignant discussion that ranged from creating “sensitive spaces” for people to simply come together in open invitation to explore themselves to the notion of leadership as stewardship of not only others but ourselves, as we also engage in lifelong self inquiries.

When you see Otis’ segments in Sensitive Men Rising I am sure they will connect with you on deep, core value and spiritual levels. We’ve spoken before about sensitive men being the “quiet ones” but that same interiority provides an attuned sensitivity to people, the environments we are in, and to our inner selves.

You’re a sensitive man now what? Breathe, relax, get to know yourself as you experience sensitivity as a natural way of being no different than your breath or your heartbeat. Sensitivity is where you operate from as wholly and naturally as anything else that we accept without concern.

Enter the “sensitive space” that Will, Otis and I (and many others) have held for you in this film so we can explore sensitivity together!! 🙏🤲😃

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