4th Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar – Dec 4th 2021

Sensitive Men Rising is indeed a fitting title to the increasing awareness and appreciation of the role we sensitive men may play in the world!! Sensitive men have always been tasked with an extra sensitivity combined with a more profound and deep inner world where problems find solutions, meaning is given to our lived experiences, and where real human leadership is rooted. Now, with the successes of a number of seminars, I am pleased to announce the 4th Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar, to be held Dec. 4th from 2-6pm, CST via Zoom!!

Join me, Dr. Tracy Cooper, along with guest speakers to be announced soon, for a unique gathering of highly sensitive men to continue the collective effort to raise consciousness in sensitive men around their trait, it’s inherent potential, and how they may choose to “show up” in an increasingly challenging world desperately in need of real leadership and men who can embody and express a masculinity that is benevolent, mentoring, patient, and kind.

Explore how quiet leadership may be the pathway to meaningful influence and goal achievement, as opposed to more hegemonic ideals about leaders and how they “should” act. Learn about divergent-convergent thinking and how they work together in close synchrony to yield better solutions and better planning. ReVision for yourself how you might choose to “show up” in this world where opportunities abound as never before but also age-old human challenges still remind us that there is much work to be done by skillful, creative, and passionate head and heart leaders!! The 4th Highly Sensitive Men’s Seminar will be a good one that you won’t want to miss!!

PLEASE help me make this the biggest Sensitive Men’s Seminar yet by sharing with your social media!! We need to reach so many more sensitive men who may benefit from this work.

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