Join us! HSP Self-Care Seminar Aug 21st Noon-5pm CST

THIS Saturday, Aug. 21st from Noon-5pm, CST IS the date for our HSP Self-Care Seminar! Join us in warm community for an exploration of self-care in ways you have probably not considered but which you will benefit from tremendously.

Self-care is a trendy buzzword and I do not use it in that sense. Self-care, as I advocate for it, is a serious daily practice designed to help better one’s life and build sustainability. Too many of us tend to burn out because we don’t know our trait very well, don’t know our specific needs, and take a piecemeal approach to managing our lives, rather than a comprehensive approach that will help move you from where you are to where you’d like to be in terms of well-being and well-functioning.

If you’ve done the other self-care seminars or workshops, I invite you to view mine as very different and novel, as you may have come to expect from my work.

See you Saturday!!

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