Online Highly Sensitive Men’s Workshop – Late 2020

The year 2020 and COVID19 have certainly forced many changes in society and for us as well with presenting workshops for highly sensitive men. We had planned a second workshop this year but had to shelve it until we, and everyone else, can feel safe in traveling and being in close proximity with others.
I am considering holding our second highly sensitive men’s workshop as an online event late in the year. This would be held via Zoom and likely be a 6-8 hour event. Dr. Elaine Aron may be in attendance, as well as John Hughes and perhaps an appearance by Tom Falkenstein, author of The Highly Sensitive Man.
How many highly sensitive men would be seriously interested in attending such an event?
Please share with any social media where you think other HS men frequent so we get the maximum number of responses!
Kindle cover 5 2020

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