Visual Note Taking for HSPs

Sketch noting for online meetings can be a great way to capture what’s being discussed, while visually representing the path of the discussion.
For the many HSPs and HSS/HSPs who are not at step #1, which career to choose, online meetings are simply a fact of life. Now, you might think this would be too hard or require too much focus that would take away from the meeting but with a little practice you might be surprised at how well being sensitive to subtleties, good at listening deeply, and thorough processing come into play in making the process second nature.
This summer I am teaching a curriculum and instruction course to doctoral students and added in the Visual to Verbal techniques as a way of encouraging more active learning but also increasing intrinsic motivation. Visual note taking can become autonomy-supportive and lead to greater feelings of competency and relatedness, all tenants of Self-Determination Theory, which some of you will be familiar with.
Give visual note taking a try at your next online meeting and see how it works for you!
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