10 Skills Created By The Highly Sensitive Brain

Day 2 of the 2020 Empowerment Guide For Sensitive People! Today’s post is by Esther HSP Brain Hoogsensitief.NLBergsma, MA, a frequent speaker on High Sensitivity in the Netherlands and also an author, trainer, scientific researcher, and expert on High Sensitivity. She wrote the book Hoogsensitieve Kinderen (Highly Sensitive Children) based on research from over 700 parents, as well as the book, The Highly Sensitive Brain (both are in Dutch). Esther’s purpose is to create awareness about the trait from a more scientific perspective. She speaks to medical professionals, psychologist, teachers, and managers and conducts research on sensitivity in the workplace.

Esther is sharing her expertise on the highly sensitive brain with us because understanding our highly sensitive brain and how it works makes self-acceptance much easier for sensitive people. She has written a wonderful article for us on the relationship between the characteristics and skills of sensitive people and how their brain works. Having the context for our sensitive gifts and challenges is important information that helps us see the sensitive trait as natural.

Please click link to view.


2 thoughts on “10 Skills Created By The Highly Sensitive Brain

  1. I have always known that I was different to everyone else, and always felt like I didn’t fit in, due to others not being on the same wavelength as me with their thinking or feeling. For the first time in my life, I have answers on why I am so emotional, why I can get so cranky and why I am so tired all the time. I also know that the path that I have chosen for a career as a social worker, is exactly what I have been destined to do in my time here on earth.

    Thank you for providing me with the knowledge and insight to understand myself that little bit better and for sharing this information, as I no longer feel like I’m an alien dropped off on the wrong planet, I know now that I am in a small group (20%) of the population who experience life differently, and that there is nothing wrong with me – I’m just more sensitive to the up’s and down’s of life than most, and that’s what makes me unique.


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