Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person

Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person is the book that I wrote for all Sensitive Sensation Seekers to better understand their traits and their potentialities and challenges.

Thrill has now been translated into Japanese and was commissioned as a 160 minute video ‘lecture’ that I completed this past December for the Japanese audience. I have often questioned why the interest level is so strong and enduring around Sensitive Sensation Seekers and have come to two conclusions:

– there’s so little out there on Sensitive Sensation Seekers and comparatively SOOOO much more on HSPs, thus, the interest level sustaining over many years.

– Sensation Seeking is an EASIER entry point to understand/allow/accept than Sensory Processing Sensitivity, meaning I have not met anyone who did not understand Novelty and new experience seeking, thrill and adventure seeking, boredom susceptibility, and disinhibition. I have met many who, when hearing descriptions of Sensory Processing Sensitivity, are instantly confused, “highly sensitive to what?” or “Ohhhh, I know those kinds of people….touchy and moody, ouch!” even, “Being easily offended is a choice….” So, two very different traits, yet one is simple to understand because it has a name that does not put anyone on the defense instantly and is easily identified with ‘fun’ and who doesn’t like a ‘fun’ trait??

The job then has been to communicate how the two traits can coexist in one human being and do so with great synergy and balance. That’s what Thrill does well.

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