Sensitive men rising – greg johnson

Greg Johnson shares some insightful, sincere, and heartfelt thoughts on Sensitive Men Rising-The Documentary, along with his way of experiencing the world, which many of us share yet express in varying ways.

A composer and musician like Greg is able to channel his emotional energies and keen sensitivities to notice subtleties into his music and into the way he moves through this life. It’s a beautiful setting to talk about Sensitivity among creative people actually creating, as with Greg here and his lovely wife, Laura!

I relate so well to the creative environment that relies on noting subtleties, instinctive actions, and ‘felt’ embodiment of channeling creative energy to our chosen mediums. In my case, it’s been painting, drawing, wheel-thrown pottery, and actively building with my hands.

Sensitive Men Rising welcomes ALL our fellow CREATIVES to enter this OPEN GALLERY SPACE we are creating on film and CONNECT with a story that speaks to YOU!

Just as with a gallery opening, enter with an open mind, a calm heart, and soak up the film’s raw human stories, the nuances of connectivity and intersectionality, settling here or there to view one story several times to glean those subtle details, and leave with a full heart and joyful optimism that Sensitive Men are so much more than when you entered the space!

Help us make Sensitive Men Rising a reality by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign 😊 πŸ™

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