Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career

“Dr. Cooper has invited us in to examine the complexities and contributions of highly sensitive people. This book offers a conceptual and practical understanding into the inner life and world of an HSP.

The depth of processing, the complexity of thought, the desire for creative engagement and the strong need for meaningful exchanges are all reviewed, shedding light on the unique nature of HSP’s. Having this extremely sensitive being, without awareness, can be a challenging minefield to navigate.

The real examples shared by the HSP population involved in this study helps personalize and characterize how others have related to their own struggles and triumphs on their learning journey.

This book additionally provides context from a social/cultural, childhood and self-care view. This systemic perspective provides an even deeper realization into the intricate web of behaviors.

Dr. Cooper does a wonderful job sharing his own personal insight, provides exceptional awareness into the complex nature of HSP’s and also has strong recommendations with thriving in life and your career!

A highly insightful book and a must read!!” ~Amazon Review


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