emotionally intelligent hsp’S as leaders

Building emotional intelligence in our workforce and leadership requires not only self, social, and self-management dimensions but an entire skill set on relationship management.

Focusing on just the other three does not yield better leadership, does not serve to develop and grow the capacities and potential of others, does not make you a good collaborator, communicator, conflicter, change catalyst, or allow you to influence others in positive ways.

Navigating complex interpersonal relationships, especially work relationships, are inherently more difficult than personal relationships because employees and others are vested in an agenda based on need, their need to remain employed.

Leaders who are high in sensory intelligence, (highly sensitive persons if you prefer), if they wish to be effective and enact real change, must become quite knowledgeable and skilled in a sophisticated, flexible, and nuanced application of relationship building, cultivation, and management across a wide range of people who are all at differing levels of skill, experience, and complexity of development and growth.

It is NOT enough to simply say “Okay, I’m a highly sensitive person,” and expect for the rest to somehow work itself out. One must intentionally learn, develop, and continue refining the skills of effective relationship management, over a lifetime. Being effective as a communicator, collaborator, and decision-maker asks of us that we develop some fairly advanced abilities to navigate the complex world of interpersonal relationships.

Are you spending enough time and effort on building out your relationship management skills?


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