Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person-Dr. tracy cooper

Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person is THE book written for the 1/3 of the sensitive population who are also high in another trait, sensation seeking. If you would like to understand how two strong traits, both with high heritability, can exist in one individual, Thrill is THE book for you!

I wrote Thrill to fill a need in the research and in the popular literature. Identifying as a HSS/HSP myself, I knew there needed to be a relatable book that others could use as a resource, as a source of inspiration, and to let the world know that we exist and have so much to offer!

Learning what the two traits look like, how they interact, and how we might work to balance the needs of both, while simply being the HSS/HSPs we are is what Thrill seeks to do. Additionally, you will find real stories written by real HSS/HSPs who contributed so graciously to the study that underpins this book and that adds to the sense of connection and community I seek to infuse all of my work with.

Check it out for yourself…


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