the genius of sensitivity-high sensory intelligence men

“It’s about destigmatizing feelings. It’s about destigmatizing sensitivity. It’s about showing children that we have in our lives that it’s okay for men to be emotional, and sensitive, and strong.”

-Tom Falkenstein

And one of the best ways to de-stigmatize ‘sensitivity’ is to acknowledge that words have power and come laden with emotional weight and snap judgements made by the majority of humans as to their meaning.

The more I live with reframing ‘highly sensitive men’ as ‘high sensory intelligence men’ the more I LOVE it! The use of ‘intelligence’ focuses what the trait is intended to do, which is to take in more information from our environments, process it in a more thorough way that references our memories, our intuition, and our natural caution, and arrive at the best option to implement, now or in the future.

In this way, ‘intelligence’ has a wonderfully dual meaning: to collect information in advance for future need (gathering intelligence), and, secondly, to acquire and arrive at ‘knowledge’ that can be applied in ways that serve our immediate and future needs, as well as the needs of others.

What is the ‘Genius’ of sensitivity? The Genius of sensitivity is that the trait serves all of humanity in a thousand ways! Consider the men in the visual below: how many different and incredible ways are they able to serve humankind as a result of the trait they all share in common? From creatives to healers, to men who protect, mentor, and seek to connect people together in warm community, we see that what we choose to do with the trait is up to us! The possibilities are endless…


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