high sensory intelligence person

Wow, thank you so much for supporting my post yesterday on my choice to begin using “High Sensory Intelligence’ in place of ‘Highly Sensitive Person!’ In coming weeks, I will lay out why it is urgent and necessary that we reframe how we communicate about sensory processing sensitivity, the underlying personality trait we all share, to the world and with each other.

I will also examine the word ‘intelligence’ and its many definitions, while offering one that I have arrived at through careful reading, analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and creation.

WE will seek TOGETHER to arrive at clarity around how High Sensory Intelligence has couched within it the core D.O.E.S. features of sensory processing sensitivity, along with the familiar deep intuition, empathy, creativity, openness, and relational skills we know and value from ‘highly sensitive person.’

Please understand that ‘High Sensory Intelligence’ is merely a descriptive term that implies no gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic class. Whether we are High Sensory Intelligence Women, Men, or High Sensory Intelligence Person/People, we are referring to the same 15-20% of the overall population with the neutral and naturally occurring personality trait Sensory Processing Sensitivity.


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