the genius of sensitivity film

Redefining masculinity is important NOW more than ever. Let’s take this journey together and discover how redefining masculinity for ourselves as sensitive men may open the door for others to question their perspectives on masculinity.

Redefining masculinity is about reVisioning masculinity for ourselves as men from a large minority of the population. Our example may inspire others to take up this grim statistic of men choosing suicide over life. The stats for our veterans are heartbreaking with two veterans per day choosing suicide, despite efforts to teach skills like resilience, recognition of real emotional difficulty, and lessening of the stigma to seek help. With the loss of each man we have also lost the individual and collective impact they would have had throughout their life courses. That effects children, partners, and families with tragic and lifelong scarring. Truly, reVisioning masculinity for ourselves first is a worthwhile effort 🙏

Embrace sensitivity

Embracing being more attuned and sensitive is not about being attached to it, not about deriving identity from it, or about bemoaning the set of adaptive tools that it provides. Rather, embracing high sensitivity is about experiencing it, learning from it, and being sensitive as a process we are deeply immersed in and curious about how it manifests in our lives and the lives of others.

Don’t be too deeply attached to sensitivity; simply embrace and experience it. You, me, and everyone else are each constellations of interdependent micro and macro systems largely operating out of our conscious awareness.

The genius of sensitivity: redefining masculinity

Being a sensitive man doesn’t make you weak, soft, or “unmanly,” it makes you attuned to everything. There is strength in attunement.

Being more attuned to all environments as an adaptive strategy is what sensory processing sensitivity is all about. It has zero to do with how we feel as males of the species or how we should perceive ourselves as compared to other males. In fact, if you are comparing yourself to how you feel you should be, you’re limiting who and what you may become! #TheGeniusofSensitivity#highlysensitivemen#hsshsp#highlysensitivesoul#masculinity