Embrace sensitivity

Embracing being more attuned and sensitive is not about being attached to it, not about deriving identity from it, or about bemoaning the set of adaptive tools that it provides. Rather, embracing high sensitivity is about experiencing it, learning from it, and being sensitive as a process we are deeply immersed in and curious about how it manifests in our lives and the lives of others.

Don’t be too deeply attached to sensitivity; simply embrace and experience it. You, me, and everyone else are each constellations of interdependent micro and macro systems largely operating out of our conscious awareness.

3 thoughts on “Embrace sensitivity

  1. Quite some deep insight in so few words – meaning your words beneath the quote, Tracy. A wordsmith as always.
    Now that high sensitivity has started to become a topic, some people start to define themselves by it instead of embracing it as an experience (or a variation in experiencing experiences). And defining ourselves by our differences has a separating and divisive effect that might well be a trick of the ego to get us entangled into attachments and self-narratives instead of finding freedom within.
    Alexander Hohmann


  2. Alexander, sadly, the human tendency is to divide and separate. Asking people to resist the tendency requires that they first are conscious and aware of personality traits as adaptive strategies, not as labels to be worn or to find identity in. Perhaps it’s a bit easier for more mature people to find real freedom in the simple experiencing of life, as opposed to deriving an identity from it, simply because we have traveled that road before and see it for what it is with its limitations.


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