hybrid work and hsps


Hybrid working arrangements are now becoming a topic of discussion in the ongoing renegotiation of how, where, and when we work. Autonomy, as we know, is HUGE for HSPs, we do best when we are able to choose when we work so it aligns with when we are at our energetic peaks during the day, or night.

Hybrid, as a term, also does need to be defined clearly. Some people do find it disjointing to work through the initial phases of home versus office. I feel it is likely, however, that those who wish to make hybrid arrangements work will quickly sort out a smoother flow between office time and working from home time. It’s a bit overblown to think that people are not capable of making it work. In my view, if anything, it’s the office time that may be disruptive and problematic as distractions abound and endless meetings carve into peak cognitive and creative time.

It’s an in-between transition time, at least it feels that way, and employees and employers are sometimes clinging to old paradigms not well suited to new realities.

The power is yours, at the moment, as employees or job seekers. Now, is the time to seize the moment and FINALLY utilize this scarcity of workers to renegotiate what is important to you as an HSP or HSS/HSP in how, when, and where you work!

How are hybrid working arrangements working for you? What have been your experiences?


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