working from home challenges for hsps

Working from home may seem like the answer to all your problems of crowded, noisy, distracting, and uncomfortable offices but that same environment that you can now control can also set you up to ignore your physical and emotional health.

HSPs are known to be highly conscientious individuals and will work hard, sometimes to hard, on projects that they care about. When we overlook the need to balance what may be a new working environment for many, one in which we can control the things that formerly were irritants we could do little to control, we may proportionally be little better off than working in an office.

ALL of the same tenants that help keep you functional and sustainable as sensitives also needs to be balanced and paid attention to in the home office! Yes, hydration, exercise, change of routine and scenery, and boundaries ALL still matter!

Understand that this is still work and, even though you be at home, you should view it with the same sense of necessity to keep yourself healthy and happy. It doesn’t just happen magically, we have to pay attention to it and put forth the effort on each aspect of our well-being.

What have been your biggest challenges if you have started working from home?

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