Influence in the Workplace for HSPs

Highly sensitive people may often times underestimate their ability to influence others or acknowledge their de facto role as a quiet leader. Many of the most effective leaders don’t wear the title ‘leader’ at all. They are leaders by virtue of the example they set and the respect and trust that competence and conscientiousness brings. Conscientiousness , by the way, is the only trait known to predict job success and we HSPs should rank fairly high in that category as we typically have a strong need for things to be done well.

The gist of the article centers around networking and how we come to be seen and heard by others in the workplace. Being seen and heard is often an area that the 70% of HSPs who are more introverted struggle with and represents a key area for growth if we wish to come into a full blossoming of our potential. Sometimes, we more introverted HSPs need to practice our social skills and develop greater confidence in how we speak and how people are receiving what we say. Speaking in public, whether a board meeting or before a work group, is always a proposition for overstimulation but never fear, it’s entirely doable to PUSH through that fear and learn to use that anxiety as a fuel to propel you through it.

We should all be more mindful of our status within our workplace and be cognizant of the influence we hold so that we can wield it when a project comes along that we believe in and wish to influence in a particular way. We all pick and choose how we show up in the world. Some HSPs may be quite content as influential and conscientious workers rarely being seen or heard in a traditional sense. Others may find it more compelling to be more public as they build networks of influence and spend their social capital on important issues that they feel passionate about or invested in.

As HSPs we are tasked, in a sense, with being the vanguard who possess finely tuned nervous systems keenly aware of subtle energies that register as off, negative, or disruptive before less sensitive people are aware of the same phenomenon. Being aware of early inputs, if you will, places us in a unique position of knowing how things might unfold. Especially true when coupled with a well-developed rational and creative mind that not only develops solutions but plans for the long-term. With that advance knowledge also comes a responsibility, self-assumed of course and dependent on each of us to choose our level of responsibility, but learning to use our influence wisely can lead our teams, workplaces, and, in a broader sense, or communities to better results.

How do you view your level of influence in your workplace? Do you underestimate your influence?

Thrill: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career

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