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Update and Invitation to Contribute:

Sensitive Men Rising, the first documentary film for highly sensitive men, directed by Will Harper- director of Sensitive-The Untold Story, and co-produced by Tracy Cooper Phd, is IN production and rolling!!  We are proud to report that we have completed 13+ interviews with more planned.  The initial series of interviews utilized Zoom video conferencing due to considerations of the ongoing pandemic. 

Will Harper and Tracy Cooper would like everyone to know that we DO plan to hold a number of in-person interviews, so Sensitive Men Rising will NOT be a Zoom film.  It will contain segments or clips from the Zoom interviews but will center around the in-person interviews, while utilizing the Zoom clips to fill out the chapter.  We chose to go this route for several reasons that we feel are important to be transparent with you about:

  • The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has rendered travel dangerous and risky
  • Our initial fund raiser fell short of what we would have needed to travel, hire film crews, and cover the expenses of equipment rental
  • Documentary film making is a medium that is uniquely human in approach and works well with minimal approaches.  With any creative effort, sometimes it stimulates further creativity to have fewer tools at one’s disposal, as opposed to every Crayon in the box.  In this case, the Zoom interviews were a way to gather the deep and meaningful stories and insights from men and women around the world with stories to tell.  Future interviews, done in-person, will complement and intertwine with the Zoom clips.

In the final analysis, Will and I would like to make very clear that Sensitive Men Rising WILL be a beautiful cinematic film that we will all be proud of as a community effort.  Just as with Sensitive-The Untold Story, the film will utilize grand camera shots from nature and people as they truly are.  In the end, Sensitive Men Rising will stand as a testament to the gritty reality that we faced in creating a film during a pandemic, with all the limitations and challenges. 

NOW, we would like to invite you to consider supporting us with a new fund-raising effort through Indiegogo that will help with ongoing production costs, limited travel for key interviews, and post-production expenses, which will be significant for a film of high quality.  

If you have contributed before, we humbly thank you, if you have not now is a great time to help keep our momentum going and contribute as you are able.  We THANK YOU very kindly!!

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