Sensitive Men Rising – Randy Grasser – The Living Adventurer

Our first endorsement for the Sensitive Men Rising film!! Randy Grasser is, indeed, a high sensation seeking highly sensitive person and he has learned much from his adventures, clearly high in new experience and novelty seeking! We are pleased to present his video endorsement here.

If you would like to see Sensitive Men Rising become a reality and would like to film a brief endorsement, grab that camera and shoot something for us!! Doesn’t matter whether you are men or women 🙂

Send your file to me at and it will be posted here throughout the project!!

PLEASE visit our Indiegogo campaign and contribute to help fund this film!! We are at $2,350 or 9% of our goal of $25,000, with just 29 days left to raise this startup funding. Once we reach the 25K we will begin traveling and filming!

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