Sensitive Men Rising – the Documentary

Will Harper and I are so EXCITED and PLEASED to officially announce that we have partnered together to collaborate on a new documentary film titled Sensitive Men Rising just for highly sensitive men!! This film will be the first of its’ kind and tell the stories of sensitive men as they have lived them. With the many serious challenges that our world has faced in the past year, we feel that now is the time for sensitive men to RISE and ALLOW their trait, sensory processing sensitivity, as an acceptable part of their beings so everyone may see that being sensitive is a beautiful trait that can benefit everyone when we intentionally create environments that support and encourage people to simply be themselves.

We are calling on ALL sensitive men and women to lend us their talents, their ideas, and their support in creating and crafting a film that will speak for ALL sensitive men!! Join us on our mission to create a film that will last for the ages and touch many lives!!

Stay tuned to this page for much more information and updates as the film progresses and unfolds. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to Tracy and Will at with your skills, ideas, support. We are open to all ideas 🙂

Please share to all of your social media groups and anywhere it needs to go!!!

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