New Research Study on Creativity – Tracy Cooper PhD

Join me in my next research study and book as I explore a topic near and dear to my core being, creativity.  The book will be about expanding the way we HSPs and HSS/HSPs understand and relate to all things creative.

Painted hands, colorful fun. Orange background
Painted hands, colorful fun. Creative, funny and artistic means happy! Orange background wall

Who I am looking for:

Identify as a highly sensitive person and/or a high sensation seeker

Highly self-aware of sensory processing sensitivity and/or sensation seeking

“Accomplished” as a creative, in any capacity that has worked for you

Understand and relate to creativity as more than simply an artistic end-product

Willing to participate with me in a recorded Zoom interview of about 60 minutes

Willing to allow me to use your words and possibly snippets of your interview for the book and/or a film

Whether you are a painter, potter, sculptor, dancer, entrepreneur, educator, healer, engineer, builder, poet, writer, nurse, CEO, car mechanic, chef, landscaper, business owner, manager, leader, artisan, scientist, or thinker I want to talk to you about creativity big and small!

If interested, please contact me at for a brief survey from which I will make the final selections.

If you know of an exceptional HSP or HSS/HSP creative, please feel free to share this invitation!

Thank you!

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