2021 is underway now and we are past the beginning of year optimism and New Year’s resolutions that no one manages to keep going very long. Now, we can get real…

Looking forward to a busy 2021, we all need to address self-care. 2020 was a harsh year emotionally and physically for many people. Too many people have seen their physical activity levels decline as they work from home and all of the moving that they would normally do, as a simple matter of daily activities outside the home, is suddenly missing.

We need to, first, lay out an accurate perspective regarding exercise and movement. In the US, exercise has become a huge industry with associated monthly costs and intensity levels that can be hard to maintain. Let’s do away with that notion and make it all simpler! You don’t need to pay for a special gym or facility. You don’t need a trainer to teach you how to move your body. You shouldn’t think of exercise as a vanity project with having a “perfect body” as the end result. Those are all fake notions of health and attractiveness.

What matters is the fact that we engage in frequent MOVEMENT, not the type of movement. Sitting, according to this article, isn’t even as bad as have been taught, as long as manage to get up frequently and MOVE. Do you see my theme here? It’s about MOVEMENT.

In my life, I choose daily brisk walking as my preferred form of movement. When I am not intentionally walking for exercise, I find myself working at the computer for a bit then getting up and needing to move. So, it’s do some work, get up and move around. I have stairs in my home, so a trip downstairs is a strength building exercise; one that when we moved here was a challenge but soon I built up muscle and endurance and go up and down with no effort.

How you choose to move your body is inconsequential, just that you do. You could ride a bike, swim, dance, hike, run, power walk, stretch, work out with weights, build something, or just putter around the yard. Everything counts when you are moving because it engages your muscle groups and keeps everything functioning.

Not only will movement make you feel better physically, it will make you feel better emotionally, as you learn to care for yourself. Simply taking the time for yourself and going for a walk is an act of self-care, self-love, and self-compassion. Take time for yourself and know that the world will still be waiting when you get back. Nothing will fall apart while you take some time for yourself. Claim that bit of time for yourself because it can really help with self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being.

How will you MOVE more in 2021?


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