Visual Quotient – Book Recommendation!

I would to like to recommend a new book to you, which I do not often do, by a dear colleague of mine, Michele Mercer, Ph.D. Michele’s new book is on visual thinking and how we might come to use easily acquired tools of visual note taking and visual communications as leadership tools in fast-changing organizations and companies.

Visual Quotient is a big 8×10 beautiful book that Michele has lovingly crafted in full color to bring her concepts to life and provide practical tools to develop visual skills. The book is set up as a workbook that is suitable for use in training, teaching, and referencing a broad and far-reaching articulation of four distinct mindsets that break down the way we think, learn, lead, make sense of information, and communicate with others.

I’m so incredibly proud of Michele for taking on the enormous task of creating a significant addition to the evolving and emergent field of visual thinking/design thinking! I might add, as well, that Michele is a HSS/HSP!

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