Day 7 – 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs – Remember to Pencil Your Sensitivity In

Day 7 of the 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs. Today’s article especially applies to the high sensation seeking highly sensitive person in ways we will instantly recognize. The detours, divergences, and easy boredom are all part and parcel of life for we HSS/HSPs and part of our trait. This is not to say that HSPs do not also experience some of the same issues with staying on goal; rather, that being a reflective and deep minded person means that both HSS/HSPs AND HSPs will identify with a need for structure and a way of disciplining our efforts.

List making is a good strategy but is also so easily overlooked or set aside as procrastination sets in. The act of making a list, of making our thoughts concrete on paper, is a useful one because it makes real what may only be swirling vapors of thought in our minds. Another way to stay on goal is to have someone else to be responsible to. Someone who is expecting a draft or segment of a project by a set time. Deadlines are often a great motivator!

About Jason Freeman

Jason Freeman is a professional speaker, author, and bravery coach who travels the country sharing his inspirational and transformative journey with captivated audiences . . . and he does it with a pronounced speech impediment. From the dream affirming standing ovation following his TEDx talk in Sugarland, TX to his earliest moments in front of an attentive crowd, Jason has learned to trust his seemingly contradictory calling to speak in front of live audiences. He has shared the stage with well-known speakers in the transformational, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and business worlds and has charmed audiences at The California Teacher’s Summit, Kyle Cease’s Evolving Out Loud, The Habitude Warrior Conference, The People First Conference in San Diego, and San Diego State University, amongst others. Connect with Jason through his website, Facebook or Youtube channel.

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