2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs – Day 1

I am pleased to again collaborate with Maria Hill from Sensitiveevolution.com in presenting the 2021 Empowerment Guide for HSPs! Each day we will present a new article that will help you think about sensitivity in a new or novel way with the hope that it stimulates you to dig deeper, to study more, and to actually read a few books in 2021 and not simply rely on all too brief bits and pieces of often sketchy information on SPS.

Today’s article is from my fellow International Consultant on High Sensitivity, Barbara Allen. Barbara Allen is based in the U.K. She founded Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy (2002) and the National Centre for High Sensitivity (2010-19). In 2013, she retired as a qualified integrative therapist, group worker and supervisor after working in the therapeutic field for 20 years. Barbara has received training on high sensitivity directly from Dr Elaine Aron in the USA. She has written and presents continuing professional development workshops (CPD) for professionals on the trait of sensory processing sensitivity and is a speaker on the topic of highly sensitive people and sensitive living. She facilitates the empowerment of individual HSPs as a mentor 1-1, also supporting parents of HSCs and providing assessments and reports for schools. She facilitates groups and workshops nationally and internationally, co-hosting a number of 4-day HSP Gathering Retreats with Jacquelyn Strickland and creating personal development workshops for HSPs in Europe and USA. She is a founding member of International Consultants in High Sensitivity.

Please click link below to view article.

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