Highly Sensitive Person Seminar in 2021

Looking ahead to 2021, I am considering putting together a virtual zoom seminar for highly sensitive men AND women. If we were to hold such a seminar, what are the topics that you would most like to hear about? Bear in mind that we don’t cover therapy issues (there are therapists and psychologists already holding such events). Rather, we would cover issues of flourishing as HSPs and HSS/HSPs, broader views of creative thinking and doing, as well as perspectives on sensory processing sensitivity that are unique to my broader transdisciplinary background.

I am very interested in what’s missing in seminars for YOU! Let’s work together to move beyond thinking of sensory processing sensitivity as a pathology and focus on how we might flourish, build lives with greater meaning, and help each other feel more confident, competent and connected as HSPs and HSS/HSPs.

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